Code Enforcement

The Purpose of Code Enforcement

Code enforcement plays an important role in maintaining attractive neighborhoods and the quality of life through the enforcement of violations of the zoning, sanitation, and nuisance ordinances. The city has adopted standards and codes to ensure public health, safety, and general welfare; and to sustain long-term investment in the community by property owners and businesses.

Problems Solvable by Code Enforcement

Code enforcement operates on a complaint-driven basis, in other words, it is reactive. Code enforcement can help resolve problems such as:

  • Business activities within a residential zone
  • Accumulation of junk, trash, or garbage
  • Outdoor storage of junk or debris
  • Accumulation of weeds, or open areas of dry vegetation
  • Yard / garage sales every weekend
  • Farm animals in residential areas
  • Bushes, shrubs, trees, or fences blocking vision at street or driveway intersections
  • Abandoned or vacant buildings
  • Persons living in recreational vehicles
  • Inoperable or junked vehicles, or vehicle parts on private property (in plain view)

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