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Kuna Arts Commission Logo (PNG)"Helping the Community Grow Beautifully through the Arts"

Mission Statement:

The City of Kuna Arts Commission was formed to promote the City’s cultural image, a foundation establishing and maintaining a culturally diverse community artistry experience, enhance art culture for our community, and to acknowledge the importance of arts while benefiting the quality community life and to the local economy. Whereas, the City desires to promote, sustain and cultivate public art through the display for art pieces throughout the city as selected public locations.


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In the Arts Commission’s continuing efforts to bring the arts to the community in various mediums, the Commission put out a call for original poetry pieces written by members of the community of all ages. Submitted pieces have been grouped together by theme into a tastefully designed display. It is the intention of the Commission for each grouping to be displayed inside various local businesses. One grouping is complete and the Commission is working with the Kuna Library to display it along with a flyer requesting additional poetry pieces.

Downtown Art Pads

As part of the city’s Downtown Revitalization Project, space was provided for the installation of 11 art pieces. The Kuna Arts Commission has been diligently working on 4 pieces that will encourage downtown Kuna’s walkability by drawing visitors from art pad to art pad. Currently, the 4 metal pieces are in the manufacturing stage.

Original POETRY to be displayed at local businesses and Kuna City Hall as well as to be potentially compiled into a single electronic display at a future date. (PDF)

Sketch for a metal art cut out image that represents Kuna Works! Kuna Life! Kuna Lives! (PDF)