Kuna Urban Renewal Agency

Upcoming Meetings: 

The Urban Renewal Agency meets the first Wednesday of February, March, July, August and November at 6:00 pm in 2023.

 The next meeting is on November 1, 2023.

The meeting agenda and packet for all meetings can be found here: https://www.kunacity.id.gov/93/Agendas-Minutes.

Special Announcements


Board of Commissioners (3 Year Terms):

  • Seat 1: Dave Case (Term Expires January 2025)
  • Seat 2: Vacant  
  • Seat 3: Amber Bothwell (Term Expires January 2026)
  • Seat 4: Greg McPherson (Term Expires January 2024)
  • Seat 5: Tayler Tibbitts (Term Expires January 2024)

What is an Urban Renewal District (URD)? 

An Urban Renewal District is a Tax Increment Finance (TIF) tool that helps fund infrastructure to support redevelopment (downtown), development of bare undeveloped land (business/industrial parks) and brownfield development (industrial site).

Tax Increment Financing: when a URD is put into place, property tax values begin to be separated into two groups – the base and the increment.  Revenues collected on the base values are allocated to the overlapping taxing districts (city, county, etc.).  Revenues collected on the increment values are allocated to the urban renewal agency to fund public infrastructure improvements within the URD. After the district closes, the increment value is included in the taxable value for each taxing district (city, county, etc.).

The Base Increment Image

2019-06-05_Kuna_FinancingTools 28


  1. Develop Eligibility Study – determine if an area, or areas, meet(s) the eligibility requirements set forth in the definitions of a deteriorated area and/or a deteriorating area in the Law (Chapter 20, Title 50, Idaho Code) and Act (Chapter 29, Title 50, Idaho Code).
  2. Approve a Resolution – by the Kuna City Council to authorize the Urban Renewal Agency to prepare an urban renewal plan for the area.
  3. Prepare Urban Renewal Plan/Feasibility Study – a plan, to be approved by the Kuna City Council, identifying improvements and infrastructure needed to redevelop/revitalize the URD area(s).
  4. Review Urban Renewal Plan – refer URD Plan to the Planning and Zoning Commission for a finding that the plan is in conformity with the City’s Comprehensive Plan; set a public hearing before the Kuna City Council to review the Plan.
  5. Adopt Ordinance – by the Kuna City Council, after conducting the public hearing approving the Urban Renewal Plan.

 Click Here to read a detailed FAQ Sheet.

Questions about Kuna Urban Renewal?

Contact: Morgan Treasure, Economic Development Director for the City of Kuna at mtreasure@kunaid.gov or 208-559-5926.