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Park Reservations

  1. Reservations not made 7 days prior to Reservation Date will be assessed a Late Fee (10% of Reservation Total)

  2. Please provide a brief description of your event, i.e. BBQ, Birthday party, Graduation party, Community Breakfast, etc.

  3. Is your Reservation for a Private or Public Event?*

    **Public Events require a Special Event Plan per Kuna City Code 3-8-1, please contact the Kuna City Clerk's Office at (208) 387-7726 or**

  4. Normal Operating Hours

    City Park normal operating hours are Dawn to Dusk. Reservations seeking to be made Dusk to Dawn require an After Hours Permit with a Safety Plan which is reviewed by local law enforcement prior to issuance.

  5. Park Rules

    1) No Driving on Grass. 2) No glass 3) No alcohol without a City issued Beer and Wine Park Use Permit. If Beer/Wine will be sold at an event, an Alcohol Catering Permit must be completed by a Caterer in possession of a State/County/City issued Alcohol License. Contact the Kuna City Clerk's Office at (208) 387-7726 with questions. 4) Area shall be left in clean and serviceable condition. Facility Cleaning Fee if area not left in serviceable condition: $75 per hour. 5) Contact the Parks Department at (208) 573-7668 with any electrical or other issues. 6) No dogs off leash besides South of the Greenbelt pathway, behind City Hall or Sadie Creek dog park. 7) No smoking within 50 (fifty) feet of a playground or areas where the general public of any age congregates to participate in play, physical exercise, sporting events or recreational events.

  6. Other Covered Areas

  7. $25 Follow Up Tournament Discount Example

    First Tournament of Year: $75. Spring Tournament 3 Months Later: $75 - $25 Discount = $50. In summary, each Tournament Reservation after the first Tournament in the year would be $50.

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