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Recipe Submission for the Kuna Hometown Cookbook

  1. Kuna Hometown Cookbook Recipe Submission Form

    The City of Kuna would like to bring the community together by collecting recipes to create a Kuna Hometown Cookbook. The goal is to help preserve delicious recipes that our Kuna community has passed down over generations and has enjoyed over the years, because nothing brings a community together quite like food. The Kuna Hometown Cookbook will be a revenue source to benefit and support the operations of the new Kuna History and Arts Center, set to open late 2023.

    We encourage everyone to participate by sharing one or more favorite recipes from family, friends, or others proven to be tried-and-true. Categories include Dressings & Sauces, Appetizers & Dips, Soups & Salads, Breads & Rolls, Vegetables & Side Dishes, Main Dishes & Meats, Desserts, Cookies & Candy, Gluten Free, Kid Friendly, Beverages, Miscellaneous, and Tips, Tricks, Hacks, Etc.

    With your recipe submission, please be as specific as possible and feel free to share a brief story or blurb that we may include in the book.

    The City of Kuna reserves the right to accept or deny any submission.

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