Mayor Stear's 2023 Kuna Kindness Challenge

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Join Mayor Stear's 2023 Kuna Kindness Challenge. 

Mayor Stear's 2023 Kuna Kindness Challenge is to complete 5 Acts of Kindness (or more) during the week of February 13-17, 2023. The City of Kuna and Mayor Stear recognize the value of acts of kindness that are performed without prompting or reason and how these acts can positively impact the person offering kindness, the person receiving the act of kindness, and those witnessing. Therefore, this week is intended for our community to practice and promote acts of kindness in our homes, schools, and businesses. 


If you are a parent, student, community member, resident, or visitor of the City of Kuna, we hope you participate during the Week of Kindness. Below you can see which section you fall into and find ways to perform acts of kindness. Let's show and practice kindness, in the spirit of compassion and goodwill, because kindness matters in Kuna and beyond. 

Click on the QR code below to track acts of kindness in Kuna.

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Your challenge is to complete 5 Acts of Kindness during Mayor Stear's 2023 Kuna Kindness Challenge Week. Below are bingo-style challenge cards with ideas for you to complete. You can print these cards or pick one up at one of our "Kindness Stations" which are the Mayor's Office at City Hall and the Kuna Library. 

Challenge Card - Ages 1-11

Challenge Card - Ages 12-18

Challenge Card - Adult

How To Complete:

Complete a block every day and if you complete a line you did it! If you happen to complete all of the blocks (blackout) you can turn in your challenge sheet for a chance to be entered into a raffle. 


On February 17th, from 4PM to 6PM, come to City Hall to hear Mayor Stear read the Kindness Proclamation. Everyone that turns in a completed challenge card will receive treats and a certificate during the event. 

FB Event Page:

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Pick up the bingo-style challenge cards and posters at our Kindness Stations:

City Hall

751 W. 4th Street, Kuna, ID 83634

Kuna Library

457 N Locust Ave, Kuna, ID 83634

The Kuna Library will also have Kuna Kindness Kit's to take home with all the essentials to help you complete your challenge. Make sure to stop by and pick one up!

For any questions please contact Zulema at