Kuna Square


There’s nothing more special to a community like the Town Square - a place where Kuna residents can enjoy family friendly programming, live music, and great shopping opportunities. The newly revamped K-Square is gearing up to become the home to a variety of activities and diverse events for our beloved community here in the City of Kuna.  


Website: https://www.kunasquare.com/

Location: The Kuna Square (K²) is located on the Kuna Greenbelt (South End of N Ave E) in Kuna, Idaho.

Upcoming Events: 

  • Mimosa's With Mom – May 14, 2023
  • Terra–Tactile – June 10, 2023
  • Art Attack 2023 Festival – June 24, 2023 
  • Freedom Fiesta – July 22, 2023 
  • Paws & People – September 16, 2023 
  • Spooky Movie Night – October 27, 2023 

Parking: Customers and tenants have access to free parking in the Old 4th St. Gym's parking lot located on the corner of N 4th St. and N Ave. D or at City Hall. 

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How It Started

Retail Incubator - On July 2, 2021, the City of Kuna launched a marketplace of small retail storefronts (120 sq. ft.) with the goal of helping foster growth of small Kuna businesses who farm or create local products. After holding two community feedback sessions in July 2020, there were over 30 businesses who indicated their interest in participating in the Market Village.

Construction Combine - The City of Kuna hosted a 2-day event on May 6-7, 2021 to teach high school students construction skills. The City partnered with experienced contractors to help teach construction basics including framing, roofing, siding, and flooring. Over the two days, students worked directly with contractors to construct several 10x12 sheds that are now used in the Kuna Market Village, an incubator for small businesses in downtown Kuna. The training took place at the 4th Street Gym in Kuna, and all the construction materials were provided on-site for volunteers who participated.

This program was in partnership with Idaho State University and the Kuna School District and has been completed in other parts of the state, see video summary: https://youtu.be/BF1fYS9rPOg.

  • Day 1: Students participated in a 2-hour training on topics related to construction: Framing, Roofing, Siding, Flooring, etc.
  • Day 2: 4-6 Students were assigned to a building team with 2 construction trainers to build a shed. At the end of the event, a recruitment/networking fair was held for students looking for summer jobs/internships.

Kuna Market Village - Opened in the summer of 2021 with 12 retail storefronts selling locally made products and goods.

Note* Photos shown below are conceptual and an example from the Tionesta Market Village in Pennsylvania.

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