Zoning & Land Uses

The city has established six (6) zoning districts (KCC 5-5-2 Zoning Districts Established), each of these districts have designated land uses (see KCC 5-3-2 Official Schedule of District Regulations). These categories have been distinguished from one another for the purposes of determining which district is most compatible with a given land use category.

A Land Use table has been created to assist in discovering which zone various types of uses belong. To use the city’s land use table:

  1. Find the land use sought in one (1) of the six (6) general land use types.
  2. Read across the table on the corresponding line to the land use type you have identified.
  3. If you view a "P", the use is outright permitted; if you view an "S", the use requires a Special Use Permit; the absence of a letter within a field means the use is not permitted in that zone.

Click here to view the Land Use Table.

If you require assistance in identifying your property’s zoning or the zoning of a property for sale, contact Planning and Zoning at (208) 922-5274.  Please be prepared to provide a property address or parcel number.