Juvenile Resources

There is no higher priority for Mayor Joe Stear and the City Council than the well being of Kuna families. To that end, city officials and Kuna Police are always working on ways to create a safer and more secure environment for our children. That’s why Mayor Stear and City Council decided to add a new full-time juvenile detective to Kuna Police in 2018.

That detective, former Kuna School Resource Officer Krista Ducharme, concentrates on non-school related problems and juvenile mental health issues. She also works closely with Kuna’s four school resource officers to identify and then address issues that impact Kuna’s youth.

With this position, Kuna Police hope to help prevent and combat issues facing our juveniles by providing focused and comprehensive services to our youth and their families.

Here’s how to get a hold of our juvenile detective and school resource officers:

Juvenile Delinquency

Non-School Related Juvenile Problems and Juvenile Mental Health Issues

Juvenile Det. 
Email Juvenile Det. 
Desk Phone: 

School Resource Officers

School Related Juvenile Issues

Det. Hyrum Jones - Kuna High School
Email Det. Jones
School Office: (208) 955-0200

Det. Lam Thai - Kuna Middle School
Email Det. Thai
School Office: (208) 922-1002

Det. Terisa Howell - All Kuna Elementary Schools
Email Det. Howell
Crimson School Office: (208) 955-0230
Hubbard School Office: (208) 922-1007
Indian Creek School Office: (208) 922-1009
Reed School Office: (208) 955-0275
Ross School Office: (208) 922-1011
Silver Trail School Office: (208) 472-9731

Det. Wes Bunnell - Initial Point High School, Fremont Middle School
Email Det. Bunnell
Initial Point School Office: (208) 472-9721
Fremont School Office: (208) 922-1005