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City Hall: 751 W. 4th St. | Kuna, Idaho 83634 | Ph: 208-922-5546

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Economic Development
Kuna is open for your business
Join us as we grow and expand as a community.

"...honoring our past by investing in our future"

Kuna is pleased to present an economic snapshot and review of the community of Kuna.  We have provided vital information for you to consider in making an informed decision to locate in a robust and growing Treasure Valley community. 

Kuna is a dynamic, friendly and progressive city with deep roots in the early history of Idaho, followed by a long involved period of agricultural growth and stable production. Recent history includes sustained population growth, productive businesses, fine schools, caring churches, responsive government and a friendly and involved populace. A performing arts center, a beautiful greenbelt, bike and walking paths, Indian Creek, parks and lots of wildlife are also a part of our community.

Give us a look, as a medium-sized community, Kuna is a place to settle, to enjoy and become a part of Idaho’s future. We are eager to welcome you with open arms. 

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