The Public Works Department provides services and programs that affect the daily lives of everyone who lives and works in Kuna. In pursuit of our mission and vision, the Public Works Department is organized into several departments. Departments within the Public Works Department coordinate major construction and maintenance projects to improve the overall network of the city. The city is divided in several zones with a set schedule delineating what work will be done in a particular zone each year. 

    Paul Stevens, Public Works Director
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    Engineering Department

    The Engineering Department is involved in the evaluation, design, and construction of the city's infrastructure.

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    2022 RFQ Engineering Roster Update

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    GIS Department

    The GIS Department is involved in merging all city utilities into a seamless interactive map of the city's infrastructure for the purposes of location, flow, network completeness, and inventory.

    Street Light Department

    The Street Light Department is responsible for the maintenance of 1,196 street lights throughout the city.

    Wastewater Department

    The Wastewater Department maintains 90 miles of sewer lines, 30 miles of sewer force main, 10 lift stations, and operates two treatment facilities. The newest facility, located on N. Ten Mile Road, is one of the most sophisticated treatment plants in the Pacific Northwest.

    Waterworks Department

    The Waterworks Department operates the 90 miles of municipal water in conjunction with eight municipal wells and a separate pressurized irrigation system which is made up of 90 miles of irrigation line, three storage ponds, and six irrigation pumps in addition to the gravity irrigation in the older portion of the city.