Urban Forestry Program

The City of Kuna has created the Urban Forestry Program to manage, protect, and expand the public property trees predominately found on city right-of-ways and in city parks.


Kuna's urban forest provides many economic, health, and environmental benefits for city residents and businesses. Trees produce oxygen and filter airborne particulates, thus improving Kuna's air quality. A healthy urban forest will improve water quality and reduce storm water runoff thus saving city residents storm water mitigation fees.

A mature tree canopy provides shade, contributes to summer cooling, and moderates the affects of wind in the urban environment. This reduces energy consumption and costs, saving Kuna residents thousands of dollars yearly. Trees also impart a distinctive character and beauty to our city, enrich the aesthetic experience of the community, soften and screen urban development, provide a habitat for wildlife, and add to area history, civic pride, and citizen involvement.

Economic Benefits

Trees offer many economic benefits like increasing property and business values, as well as attracting tourists, businesses, and residents, resulting in more city revenue. As Kuna becomes more urbanized, our urban forest and woodlots become increasingly more important. Educating area residents as to the importance of our urban canopy is one of the objectives of the City of Kuna Forestry Department.

Time to Prune

This is a great time of year to get your trees pruned. Contact a certified Arborist to maintain your trees' health today!

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