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City Hall: 763 W. Avalon | Kuna, Idaho 83634 | Ph: 208-922-5546

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The Annual Kuna Clean-Up Project
Saturday April 30th, 2016 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM You are invited to participate in a community clean-up to benefit all of us, our community, and our state. Read on...
Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8)
Waiting List Opening May 9- May 27, 2016 Read on...
Press Release
For pressure irrigation customers -The City will start to slowly fill pressurized irrigation mains at low pressure beginning April 12th. By April 20, 2016, all pumps stations should be full in operation. Read on...
In The Spotlight
Hello Kuna Community!

Something NEW for the Family this summer is in the works and we want your participation.

FREE Movies in the Park on Friday nights!

We’d love to get some ideas from the community of what family friendly movies you’d like to see.

Share your suggestions: Movie Suggestions

Thank you,

Chris Engels

Kuna City Clerk